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Bishop Urged Priests to Serve with Passion, Commitment

Catholic Bishop of Belleville, U.S.A, Most Rev. Edward Braxton

The Catholic Bishop of Belleville, U.S.A, Most Rev. Edward Braxton, on Saturday  enjoined priests and religious leaders to serve God with passion and “undivided commitment”.
Braxton made the call in his speech at the Basilica of the Most Holy Trinity, Onitsha, Anambra, after ordaining six new priests to the Catholic Arch Diocese of Onitsha.
He said though the call to serve in the vine-yard of God was not an easy task, there was always a big reward for doing so.
Braxton called on religious leaders to always be prayerful because they led God's people.
The bishop urged priests, especially the newly ordained, to follow the footsteps of Archbishop Valerian Okeke and other exemplary senior priests.
``When ever you are in a cross-road, call on your Arch Bishop and other leading priests for direction and counseling.’’
Most Rev. Valerian Okeke, Archbishop of Onitsha Arch-Diocese, also advised the priests to practise all they had learnt in the seminary and field mission.
“I will continue to pray for you as a father and will want you to display high moral and ethical standard anywhere you find yourselves.
``Just as you must have known, there is no room for laziness and disobedient here,’’ Okeke advised.
Prayers were offered for the peace and progress of the country; and God’s guidance for the leaders.


Why does an American Bishop from a small mid-American Diocesan go to Africa to ordain priests when their own Bishop is in attendance. Why, especially when Bishop Braxton's is in turmoil spiritually and financially. And the usual question, since this is a traveling routing with Braxton, who pays for these boodogles?

Les Himstedt
Belleville Diocese