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How to identify fake Ampiclox

GlaxoSmithKline partners with NAFDAC and Sproxil to launch a new way of verifying authentic drugs via SMS

The fight against counterfeit and unwholesome drugs in Nigeria got a boost recently with the launch of the anti-counterfeiting solution by pharmaceutical giant, GlaxoSmithKline, in partnership with NAFDAC and Sproxil.

The solution aims to provide patients with SMS Verification Service for the antibiotics, Ampiclox. All Ampiclox 500mg capsule blisters would henceforth be labeled with a special label that carries a 12 digit PIN used by the patients at the point of purchase to verify that the product is genuine.

The SMS verification technology is an innovative use of the GSM which is now ubiquitous in our society to fight drug counterfeiting. Sproxil provides this unique service using cell phones to ensure automatic protection against counterfeiters while also capturing market intelligence in cash-based societies.

To use the service, patients are advised to scratch off the silver panel on the drug to reveal the 12 digit PIN. They are advised to send the PIN as an SMS to 38353. A response, which confirms whether the drug is authentic or fake, will be received shortly after.

Speaking at the launch of the service in Abuja, the Managing Director of GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical Nigeria Limited, Lekan Asuni, said: “This was a milestone in patient safety in Nigeria.”