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Jesse Jagz To Drop New Album, 'The Transfiguration Of Jesse Jagz'

Jesse Jagz

He left Chocolate City last year to be on his own and he's set to drop another album titled, Transfiguration Of Jesse Jagz.

He released Jagznation Vol 1: Thy Nation Come and this will be his third studio album.
About the songs contained in the album he says;
"The point was I wanted to make music. However, Nigeria is 100 this year,and before then it was known as the Royal Niger Company. A lot of people don’t even know anything about history, Nigerian history. I just wanted to make music, but a lot of the songs have messages. It’s not as preachy as Thy Nation Come, but a lot of the songs have, if you listen deep, there’s a message."
The album swallows songs like Louis, Jargo, Oceans And Lake, Sunshine, The Search, Supply And Demand, High-Life, The Chase, The Window and How We do.