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Katie Price hits out at Victoria Beckham on 'Super Mum' claims

Katie Price hits out at Victoria Beckham on 'Super Mum' claims

Katie Price says Victoria Beckham should have mentioned her nannies, security guards and chauffeurs when speaking about life as a working mum.

Writing in her column for today, Katie said: “for the sake of other stressed out mums” it was important for stars such as herself and Posh to admit they have more help than most.

The mum-of-three was responding to a recent interview Posh gave to a glossy magazine describing her hands-on role as mum to her four kids.

Victoria revealed she wakes at 6.15am, spends half an hour getting ready while gulping down a peppermint tea and espresso, before the school run starts at 7.15.

Since all three children go to different schools, Victoria and David split the driving, going in different directions.

Then she works until 4pm before picking up the kids, feeding them, taking them to after-school activities and helping them with their homework.

Katie Price said: “I’m sure Victoria is a brilliant mum and there is obviously a lot of love between her and her kids. But I don’t think she’s being entirely honest.”

‘What you don’t see in all the shots of her being the perfect mum is the nanny who is probably pushing the buggy behind her.

“Good for her, because she’s earned it all. But be honest for the sake of other working mums.

“You never see Victoria looking anything less than immaculate and there is no way you can achieve that, day in day out, without help if you’re a working mum with four kids.”

Katie goes on to say she’s happy to admit she’s got a nanny and even with help, mornings in her house are still a “nightmare”.

She said: “They certainly don’t start with herbal tea. For a start, the kids never want to go to school and try to pull a fast one, saying they’ve got stomach ache.

“So if Victoria’s version of her school morning is true, I applaud her. But I suspect that she doesn’t get by without a little help from her friends.”