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Mariah Carey Tops List of Pop Stardom Poll

Her marriage may be in shambles but her latest album was a bomb as Mariah is rated the most successful, enduring and ultimate pop star according to Time magazine.

The magazine looked at every top ten list going back to 1960, assigning points for each week that a song was on the list. In today’s music where more than one artist sings a song or is features in a song, both of the singers are given the points for the positions.

Mariah topped the chart based on her longevity, scoring top ten records over 19 years, and still being significant in major years. Per the Time analysis, only 19 times did any artist have a big enough year to accumulate over 300 points.

Other artistes on the list are Rihanna, Usher and Alicia Keys. View the full list below;

Mariah Carey
Janet Jackson
Whitney Houston
Michael Jackson
Katy Perry
Boys II Men
Elton John
Stevie Wonder
Kanye West
Bruno Mars
50 Cent
Alicia Keys