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Nigerian Pastor convicted of sex scandal in the UK

International preacher Albert Odulele admits sex offences

Dr Albert Odulele, the 'charismatic' head of a London-based evangelical church, faces jail after admitting two sexual assaults.

Odulele, who runs Glory House International, admitted indecently assaulting a boy aged 14 and sexually assaulting a 21-year-old man, both former members of his congregation.

He entered the guilty pleas at Bexley Magistrates' Court in southeast London and was committed for sentencing at Woolwich Crown Court on a date yet to be set.

Magistrates granted him conditional bail at the brief hearing.

Odulele, who describes himself as a 'teacher, preacher and evangelical preacher', is a major figure in the world of evangelical Christianity.

His east London-based church says it has a congregation of 3,000.

There are also branches of Glory House International in Leeds, Birmingham, Nigeria and Brazil.

The alleged assaults took place in 2003 and 2004.

The court said Odulele, 47, initially denied any wrongdoing after the Metropolitan Police’s Major Child Abuse Investigation Unit, arrested him last summer.

But he later admitted to police that he had been 'battling' with his sexuality for years.

He denied the offences were pre-planned.


Ooh God of mercy remembr odulele n 4giv him from such a disgrace indeed he helpt me in money issues i can rmembr him saying wealth is a means 2 an end & not an end by all means. God we cant afford 2 let such a stuff 2 devil plz 4gv him n resto bak de fallen glory.(surely i hav felt it) ooh god help yr pipo

odulele s offence is only punishable by God not Man


It is really shameful. For the fact that he opened up, means that he is ready to take a new path.
Let us all forgive & pray for him. Our God is a merciful God. No one is perfect,
we should have it at the back of our mind, there is no perfect human being.
The mighty also falls, it only takes the grace of God for you to still b standing.
Now that this has happened, we should not call names pls.
I Pray that the good Lord Almighty Forgives & Restores him. Amen.

Its a complete shame an disgrace that this moron should have behaved like
He should be punished in according to the law of the land! Shame on u hypocrite

hnmm....God help him

If he is really a child of God,and sincerely ask God for forgiveness, God will show him mercy and restore him.

This Pastor must have inculcated this bad behaviour from his association with British people, as this habit is alien to Nigeria and Africa culture,
Western Europe especially the English, DUTCH etc are well known for this type of behaviour, may God deliver Pastor Albert Odulele from bad association in Jesus name.
It's absurd the British press described him as a Nigerian, when his pattern of behaviour is enshrined in the British way of life. Paedophiles are found in all sector of the British society; from the judiciary, the Church of England, the Parliament, Government officers, Public service to mention a few.
The shameless British press who are celebrating this in their media are hypocrites.

He that thinketh that he is strong, let him stand firm less he falls. Only God Let pray for him pls.

I really cant get why when a Nigerian who is clearly british by nationality commits a crime the emphasis of the Nigerian is boldly written however, when they do something good for the british they rephrase it to a british born Nigerian.

My heart bleeds but I will implore all to pray for him at this trying time. Devil knows his tricks. May we pray never to fall. No one has immunity against this except for God's grace. My heart is poured out in prayer that as he drinks the cup, may God be with him and grant him the grace. Amen

why the "qualification" - nigerian - he is british.

This mans as done wrong , I am not justifying what he as done
The Church as in the body of Christ needs to pray for him as as the individuals that that have been hurt by his wrong doings

As Christians we need to forgive and pray that God will change our hearts and mind set to learn to have compassion for we serve a God who is always forgiving'

Please reply if you're part of his congregation, I'm curious to see what you think.

hmmmm it is a pity

No one is above temptation. Not even the men of God.God will see you you through sir.

what will one not see in this day and time? God, please save us o!

I used to attend his church and he looked to inspired. Na wa. God will reward everyman according to the work of his hands.