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Proposed HIV/AIDS Anti-Stigma Law Not for Same-Sex Couples -- Rep

The proposed HIV and AIDS Anti-Stigma Law is not meant to protect same-sex couples but to curb stigmatisation against people living with HIV, Dr Joseph Kigbu  said in Abuja on Wednesday.
 Kigbu, Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on HIV and AIDS, Malaria Control, Tuberculosis and Leprosy, made the explanation in an interview.
 ``We have kicked against same-sex marriage, even though the anti-stigma and anti-discrimination bill is a rights based law.
``There is a level to which, as Nigerians, we can drive our rights as a country; we are profusely religious; we have our cultural values that abhor same-sex marriage.
``I will want to say again that those couples who practise same-sex marriage who are gay or lesbian, this is not for them.
``This law is not going to protect them or they cannot hide under its cover, no for same-sex marriage,’’ he said.
Kigbu said the bill was meant to help people living with HIV and AIDS to seek treatment without fear of stigmatisation.
However, he advised that people living with HIV and AIDS should eat healthy, take medication and live normally.