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So strong is sms in Africa that recently Google rolled out a new service in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya that lets Gmail users send and receive emails using the built-in SMS features of their mobile phones

Until the government realises that its primary function is to maintain law and order, every other thing it does is a waste of time

You are in your 40s and come out dressed in face cap, v-neck tee and low-waist skinny jeans; do you think the Lord will be happy with you?

A properly planned city reduces urban sprawl to the barest minimum, reducing the time and energy spent in traffic between any two points

How have we degenerated so much that brazen absurdities are now common practice? 

That it took the treatment of these four middle class youths like “common” criminals to shake us out of our collective apathy is the greatest tragedy to emerge from the events in Aluu

I have just these questions: Is this who we are? Are we happy with what we have become?

The government engaged in an unwritten policy of ensuring the Igbo makes little headway economically and otherwise

As the festive seasons approach, leaving the bridge as is amounts to mass murder

I have seen former cultists turn a new leaf and become useful members of society; this being because they had a chance

The conditions under which bankers work in Nigeria go against all known rules

Debates are about accountability, another alien concept in these parts. An incumbent seeking re-election will be queried on his record

Thinking about it, I know very few have the stomach engage in such barbarity, but when you stand by and watch those who do commit the act, you are equally guilty

The Nigerian male is no longer safe; no matter his religion or philosophy towards life

The time when African writers turn up at international literary festivals to queue for autographs from writers from other climes is long gone

It is safe to estimate (conservatively) that for every reported case of kidnap and murder, or rape and murder, or ritual killing, there are nearly half a dozen undetected and unreported ones

Aftermath of the Mubi Massacre

This guide will help you to get a house-help, and keep her

The national team coach is getting the jitters as the Liberia clash looms

The Mubi massacre once again highlights Nigeria's leadership failures

It is not really hard to see how government got this bloated. The mandates of many MDAs are overlapping 

What we see Nigeria becoming has a way of shaping our own future

The Nigeria Police should also be bothered by the increase in the number of such pending cases

As we turn 52 today, I feel sad that there is not much really to rejoice with my fellow citizens over