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The unlawful circulation and stockpiling of arms in our communities and country will do no one good

Those who question your motives or ideas are enemies of progress and agents of the ruling party. There can be no opposition to the opposition

Never could I imagine a piece to be laden with so many factual inaccuracies

Thankfully, social media provides the platform for sharing information that would help the police

Statistics have shown that the more gibberish you throw into your songs, the more appreciated it is

The Olympics, Dokubo, LASTMA? It's all too much to take in...

It must be interesting to note that not only do we scam unsuspecting foreigners, we daily make mincemeat of our fellow countrymen who make the mistake of dulling

Hope is a product made in Nigeria. Hope made outside Nigeria is a weak imitation based on concrete facts or expectations

There are people with names that were just ripped off the calendar; it makes me wonder how lazy a person could get

It is the responsibility of Nigerians of the new generation to re-structure the type of society that they would like to enjoy

With a contingent of 55 athletes and no medals, the London Olympics outing represents Nigeria’s worst since the 1988 games

We are still here… sitting at the foot of these teachers and listening with rapt attention for the return of the stories of these gentle but solid warriors

Five minutes later; nicotine-laden and stress-free, he settled back into his chair grinning

The issue goes beyond visual or aesthetic nuisance; the act pollutes the environment and threatens our health

Nigeria must begin to learn viable lessons from other global players 

Being in the Olympics is a thing of joy. After all, countries like Madagascar and the Vatican City did not even make it there

It is time for many Lagos residents in these situations to really re-assess their conditions

We cannot demand or expect the same of the Nigerian youth

If we could make Goodluck Jonathan the world’s most insulted president, we can make him the most loved

Facilities in the departure lounge are minimal, with a newsstand near the check-in counter, and a small bar at airside

Beyond the ‘shakara’ of backwater nationalities

Americans talk about everything at every opportunity. They talk during meals and sex

I am sure Mark enjoys the benefits of social media; whether directly or indirectly